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Mauricio Gil our Manly Longboard Co. Shaper

Manufactured in Manly Vale NSW Australia

For as long as he’s been a surfer, Mauricio Gil has been intrigued by the art of shaping. Beginning surfing at 12, Mauricio shaped his first board at 14 and hasn’t stopped since.

Upon graduating from Rio de Janeiro’s University of Business, Mauricio moved to California to further learn and master the art of hand shaping, under the tutelage of master shaper and industry legend, Hawaiian Donald Takayama.

After earning the trust and respect of Takayama, Mauricio was given his mentor’s blessing to shape and manufacture Hawaiian Pro Designs on the USA’s East Coast.

In the early 90s Mauricio joined forces with Australian shaper, Greg Clough, and launched Aloha Surfboards in North and South America, where he’d remain the sole shaper and licensee for over a decade.

In 2005, Mauricio and his family relocated to Sydney, where they launched MG surfboards. He’s shaped, lived, and surfed on and around the Northern Beaches, and Australia, ever since.

During his career Mauricio has shaped for the world’s best surfers, including Mick Fanning, Andy Irons, Johnny Boy Gomes, Buttons, Larry Bertlemann, T.J. Barron, Makua Rothman, Dustin Barca, Kyle Ramey, Mason Ho, and Clay Marzo Samantha Cornish, among others.

Mauricio Gil is one of those rare shapers who is as gifted in the craft of surfboard making as he is obsessed with design. Mauricio seamlessly translates the surfboards that he makes for the world’s best surfers into designs that work for the rest of us. He’s a passionate surfer, and this passion, combined with an obsession for creating state-of-the-art surfboards means that Mauricio Gil, of MG surfboards, shapes some of the best boards in the industry.

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